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Banana Feeds Australia is an innovative business, based in Cairns, which produces nutritional supplements to horses across Australia, and the globe. 


It combines a sustainable, yet practical approach, to develop 100% natural supplement solutions for improving the health of animals using one of the most widely recognised beneficial horticultural products, GREEN BANANAS. 


Using produce grown in Australia’s most productive and pristine growing regions, Banana Feeds Australia has delivered a range of retail ready products in its purpose built, state of the art facility, for animal lovers throughout Australia to supplement their animals existing diets.

Banana Feeds Australia introduces B-COMPLETE, Natures Elite Equine Supplement



Banana Feeds Australia is driven by one founding principle, Elite Performance. For centuries, bananas have played a vital role in healthy diets of both humans and animals alike. For hundreds of years, all over the world, many elite athletes have chosen bananas to reach their maximum performance potential.


Banana Feeds Australia can now offer that same competitive edge to your Elite Performance Thoroughbred, Dressage, Jumping AND ALL OTHER HORSES, with B-COMPLETE, Nature's Elite Equine Supplement


'Elite' represents the goals of the business, and most importantly it resonates with the goals of our customers. B-COMPLETE is the product to help you reach your horses 'Elite' potential.


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