Virbac Recharge for Dogs 1ltr

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 It is common for dogs to lose large quantities of fluid and electrolytes during transportation, exercise and stressful conditions. Unless these losses are replaced rapidly chronic dehydration, muscle cramping, loss of performance and nervousness can occur. RECHARGE rapidly replenishes electrolytes and fluids after travelling and racing. The product lives up to its name in providing a rapid restoration of fluid and vitality. The formulation is specifically matched to the needs of the hard working dog, containing: A. a high potassium to sodium ratio, important for nerve and muscle function. B. Citrate salt as a buffering agent and C. Glucose to enhance rapid uptake of electrolytes.

Recharge for Dogs is suitable for: 

  • Racing/travelling greyhounds
  • Working dogs
  • Nursing bitches
  • Dehydrated dogs, due to illness or heat stress


  • The sports drink for working dogs
  • Contains glucose for energy and rapid absorption of electrolytes
  • Combats dehydration/electrolyte loss immediately - no need to wait until the dog has consumed a meal.

Why use Recharge? 

  • Recharge is the only sports drink designed specifically for dogs.
  • Recharge has a palatable cheese flavour making it easy for dogs to drink
  • Handy, portable pack to administer at events
  • Combats fluid and electrolyte loss immediately

1 litre of Recharge contains:

 - Sodium 27.6g 
- Potassium 30.4g
- Chloride 43.3g
- Phosphate 17.4g
- Citrate 34.5g
- Magnesium 3.0g
- Sulfate 11.8g
- Glucose 260g


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