Tuffrock GI Gastro Intestinal

Tuffrock GI (Gastro-Intestinal) Liquid is a world first super-energised colloidal volcanic mineral blend, with bioavailable collagen. Also contains toxin binders, and pH and acid stablisers for GI (Gastro-Intestinal) health. * Naturally works in the prevention of stress stomach ulcers.
* Relieves gut stress with alkaline action to quickly normalize gut acid.
* Acetic acid stabilizer to assist with stress colic, gently expels unwanted protein, bacteria or toxins within manure to help cool horses.
* Collagen helps strengthen stomach linings.
TR recommends use GI to normalize gastric challenges and prepare the gut for TuffRock C+ or EJF
TuffRock G.I. is a new approach for horse gut stress designed to focus on the cause …not the symptoms …
TuffRock G.I. is manufactured from our unique range of 100% Australian natural colloidal volcanic minerals with gut acid normaliser and gut toxin binder.
Lovely earthy taste means easy to paste by syringe over the tongue or add to feed.


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