Tuffock C+ Conditioner Plus

• TuffRock Conditioner Plus is an all-in-one liquid feed additive that supports the generation of collagen, digestive health, feed conversion and overall well-being. It is fantastic for coat, mane & tail, hoof condition, as well as joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and mucosal linings.

• TuffRock Conditioner Plus comes in liquid form, and can be syringed orally or added to feed, being naturally palatable to horses. It is all natural and contains no drugs, chemicals, antibiotics, enzymes or heavy metals.

• TuffRock Conditioner Plus can be beneficial for horses in poor condition, as well as cases of teeth grinding, biting or difficult race starters.

• 1 Litre. Dosage is 10 - 20 mL once a day, as per full instructions on container.


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