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Tech Endurance Stirrups - Venice XTrail

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Designed for Long Distances

Tech Stirrups are manufactured with high-quality metal and have the widest opening available in the market. The Safety mechanism is opened by the foot in the case of a fall, the foot eases out of the stirrup which returns back to the closed position automatically.

The Venice XTRAIL stirrups are equipped with 4 innovative shock absorbers specially designed for endurance riding, ensuring maximum comfort for the rider who rides on the saddle for many hours.

Maximum COMFORT for ankles and knees.

Venice XTRAIL stirrups have a versatile pyramid profile and are suitable for all shoes used in endurance riding.

The special design of the pyramid profile provides a perfect grip even in water, mud and sand and prevents their accumulation. The 5° inclination provides a perfect riding position for long distances.

If necessary, you can easily change the insole and the shock absorbing inserts.



Weight: 570g (20,10 oz)

Tread dimensions: 12x6.5cm (4 3/4")

Slope: 5°

Shiny finish 


Available in other colours by special order.







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