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Ranvet Yellow Lotion

Ranvet Yellow Lotion - ANTISEPTIC, ASTRINGENT WOUND LOTION. - Rapidly dries to protect wounds. - Potent anti-bacterial activity. - No added pharmaceutical drugs. - Significantly reduces proud flesh. - Acts under bandage or simply sprayed on the wound. - Controls infections in skin wounds. - Useful for both immediate first aid and long term treatment. - Reduces discharge, reduces scab formation, soothes open wounds. - Protects and dries skin wounds encouraging healing. - Does not accumulate dirt and debris. - Effective first aid treatment for burns, girth galls, inflamed bruise and sprains in addition to abrasions, open wounds and proud flesh. - Does not contravene racing regulations. DIRECTIONS FOR USE/CONTRAINDICATIONS Shake bottle well before use. Be sure to flush the wound of dirt and debris before applying Ranvet Yellow Lotion. Soak pad of cotton wool with Yellow Lotion and bandage onto affected area. Areas difficult to bandage should be dabbed liberally and frequently, daily. SAFETY DIRECTIONS Use protective gloves, avoid contact with eyes, avoid contact with skin, avoid breathing vapour. NIL MEAT WITHOLDING PERIOD. IMPORTANT NOTE: For the healing effect to be continuous and most immediate, it is preferable that Yellow Lotion be applied to fresh, open wounds soaked in a gauze or cotton wool pad and held in place with a bandage. For serious wounds, a fresh dressing may be applied daily. PACK SIZE(S) 500mL spray bottle; 1L bottle. TOPICAL PREPARATIONS ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS (PER L) Zinc sulphate 50.5g, Lead acetate 50.5g, Acriflavine 0.09g.



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