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Premier Equine Sweet Iron Two Ring Gag with Brass Alloy Lozenge

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Why choose a two ring gag for your horse?


Also known as a continental bit, it works by raising the bit in the horse's mouth in a similar way to a traditional gag but without the same severity. The reins can either be attached to the snaffle ring, or the lower ring for increased poll pressure and leverage. You can also use two reins or rounding's attached to a single rein with this bit so that a correct contact can be maintained on the snaffle ring without poll pressure when needed.


An anatomical brass alloy lozenge in the centre helps to distribute even pressure over both the tongue and bars of the mouth and also encourages mouthing and contact. The blue sweet iron mouthpiece oxidises easily which creates a warming sensation and a sweet taste in the horse's mouth, helping them to accept the bit. Please note that the blue colour will fade with use, this is normal. An ideal bit for those that need some extra braking power when jumping or doing fast work.


Blue Sweet Iron Two Ring Gag: Key features...

Double jointed, blue sweet iron mouthpiece with brass alloy lozenge

Exerts poll pressure with a limited gag action

Ideally used by experienced riders

This bit is NOT BD Legal

Bit strength: Moderate


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