Premier Equine International

Premier Equine Studs

**Studs sold in a pack of 4**
Flat Studs for Road Work and Harder ground
These studs have been designed for road surfaces and firm,dry ground. 
Conical Studs for Varying Ground or Jumping
These studs have been designed with a point making them ideal for varying terrain, for example cross country courses when the going is difficult to gauge, these studs also provide grip when needed.These studs are available in 4 different lengths, small being the shortest length and Xlarge being the longest length.
*We currently only stock Small and Medium conical studs but can order in other sizes.
Studs for Soft /Deep Ground
These metal studs are ideal for use on soft or deep ground.
The studs simply screw into a preformed hole within your horse's shoe made by your farrier. All of our studs require a preformed hole of 3/8” Whitworth standard thread.

We advise selecting the best stud based on ground going ­– soft or hard – and secondly based on your requirement for performance. We advise you use a rounded head on the inner hoof edge to help prevent injury from strike by the opposite leg.

Your stud kit should contain a variety of different shaped studs to suit your horse’s needs, a stud tap to clean the thread in the stud hole before use, an adjustable spanner and stud plugs.

Stud holes should always be plugged when not in use to prevent stone and debris from entering or damaging the hole.

In addition, you may find it useful to invest in a magnetic metal bowl which prevents them becoming lost and is also useful for finding studs when dropped on the grass.

We advise that you check your stud holes the day before a competition to ensure the threads on the shoe are intact and the studs will apply correctly.

After use, ensure you clean and store your studs in a dry place.

We advise the use of stud plugs to ensure the preformed hole remains clear of debris.


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