Premier Equine International

Premier Equine Gullet System Gauge **Loan System**

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We are offering you the opportunity to borrow this loan gullet gauge to measure your horse prior to purchasing a Premier Equine Saddle! All you need to do is pay the $25 bond (plus postage if required) then once finished, post it back to us and we'll refund you your bond!

A simple, effective measuring system to provide a guide to the correct size PE Interchangeable Gullet for your horse or pony.

For the purpose of accuracy we recommend you follow the process without the presence of a saddle pad.

STEP 1) Place the saddle in the riding position on your horse/pony’s back and make a point of reference directly underneath the saddle nail – we suggest carefully parting your horses hair as a marker.

STEP 2) Remove the saddle. Place the PE Gullet Gauge over your horse’s wither, aligning the gauge with the reference point that you made earlier.

STEP 3) Ensure the gauge’s bearing area is lying comfortably against the horse. Ensure the gauge is clear of the horse’s wither.

STEP 4) The tool will now indicate the correct coloured gullet for your horse in the PE Interchangeable Gullet range.

We recommend repeating this procedure every three to four months.

We recommend consulting a qualified saddle fitter when adjusting the fit of your saddle.


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