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Premier Equine Delizioso Snaffle Bridle

A picture of perfection in the Delizioso Snaffle Bridle…


A delectably soft snaffle bridle crafted from Italian leather which will look the part in any equestrian discipline. The padded poll piece enhances comfort and the nose band is secured over the top, ensuring an even pressure is applied for heightened performance. A beautifully soft, padded browband with a round raised design sits neatly at the front, emphasised either side by two luxury ‘PE ’ branded brooches.


The thick, well-padded cavesson noseband provides a comfortable surface against the horse’s skin and features a professional round raised design. It also has a flash attachment so that the flash strap can be used if needed. Stainless steel buckles and high quality stitching complete this stunning leather bridle, perfect for daily use or competitions.


Snaffle Bridle: Key features...

Italian leather bridle

Soft padded poll piece

Soft padded browband with round raised design and 'PE' branded brooch either side

Cheek pieces with buckle fastenings

Throat lash, adjustable at both sides

Soft padded cavesson noseband with flash attachment

Flash strap included

Stainless steel buckles

Reins not included


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