Premier Equine International

Premier Equine Brass Alloy Training Bit with Lozenge

Why choose a training bit for your horse?

Loose ring cheeks on this bit can help to discourage fixing and leaning as they offer much more movement than a fixed cheek bit, which helps the bit follow the angle of the tongue. A central lozenge encourages a softer contact and a mild action ideal for young and sensitive horses.

Brass alloy is formed when copper is alloyed with a harder metal, this produces a warm and durable material which is perfect for horse bits as it can aid salivation and be more palatable to the horse. An ideal bit for horses who are just starting their ridden career.

  • Loose ring cheeks

  • Double jointed, durable brass alloy mouthpiece with lozenge

  • Bit strength: Mild

Brass alloy bits are warm, durable and they encourage the horse to salivate as well as easily accept the bit. Ideal for a range of horses, especially those that need encouragement to mouth and accept the bit.



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