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Premier Equine Brass Alloy Bevel Bit with Lozenge

Why choose a bevel bit for your horse?


The Bevel bit allows mild leverage and offers a little more control, promoting responsiveness and correct head carriage. Teamed with a brass alloy mouth piece this is an ideal bit for horses that need a touch more braking power but perhaps have sensitive mouths. The double jointed mouthpiece offers a higher level of comfort in the horse's mouth as it helps to prevent pinching of the lips and bars of the mouth, whilst reducing the nutcracker action of a single jointed bit.


A central lozenge helps to distribute pressure over both the tongue and bars of the mouth, encouraging mouthing and contact. Brass alloy is formed when copper is alloyed with a harder metal, this produces a warm and durable material which is perfect for horse bits as it can aid salivation and be more palatable to the horse.


Brass Bevel Bit: Key features...

Loose ring bit with fixed rein positions

Double jointed, durable brass alloy mouthpiece with lozenge

Two leverage options - attach reins to middle ring for a mild action or to the fixed point at the bottom for more leverage

Bit rings are larger on the 5" & 5.5" so that the bit remains in proportion with the horses head

This bit is NOT BD Legal

Bit strength: Mild


As per our size guide the A & B measurements of this bit are as follows..

4.5" & 5" - A=16mm & B=55m

5.5" - A=16mm & B=70m


Brass Horse Bits.

Brass alloy bits are warm, durable and they encourage the horse to salivate as well as easily accept the bit. Ideal for a range of horses, especially those that need encouragement to mouth and accept the








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