Pharmachem Kuritch 500ml

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KURITCH “repels” nuisance insects including stable flies, midges, sandflies and house flies. It also aids in the control of QLD Itch and Equine Allergic Dermatitis. It is rain and sweat resistant and has a low irritant (alcohol free) formula which won't 'sting' the horse. This formula not only repels insects but soothes the irritated skin to allow the healing process to begin. KURITCH can be applied to surface wounds, minor cuts and skin abrasions to help prevent irritation and possible infection by nuisance insects.

Its “unique” formula is enhanced by:

*Citronella oil – A natural repellent.
*Deet – A powerful and highly effective repellent.
*Camphor oil – Naturally relieves itchy and irritated skin.
*Eucalyptus oil – A natural antiseptic


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