Olaf Petersen

NEW FEI Approved 18mm Breakaway Cups

FEI Approved Breakaway Safety Cups for Club Use. 

18mm depth complies with new FEI/EA/PC Show Jumping Rules.


These Cups HAVE been through the FEI Safety Cup testing process and are "FEI Approved" so are suitable for EA, PC, or FEI events.


Under Equestrian Australia, Pony Club Association, and FEI Rules these cups are REQUIRED on back rails of oxer/spread fences, and centre and back rails of triple bars.

Backing plate attaches to keyhole stripping on wing/stand and allows cup to release and fall to the ground when a horse (or rider) lands on the rail.

Each 'Cup' comes as an assembly with the cup and backing plate.

Sold individually 

Fits standard keyhole strips


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