Mitavite Turbo Racing 20kg

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Mitavite® Turbo™ is a hybrid racing feed, combining selected premium graded oats with the technology of steam extrusion and micronization to improve digestibility and maximise energy levels in the horses’ diet. This, combined with the addition of vitamins and minerals, essential amino acids in a horse specific profile and oils rich in Omega 3 & 9 make Turbo™ a serious option for horses in hard work.


Unique Features of Mitavite Turbo®
• High Energy Muesli style race feed
• Contains highly digestible steam extruded corn
• Oat based and high palatable
• High levels of essential amino acids

Choose Mitavite Turbo® when
• Oats are an essential part of your rations
• You want to use the latest feed technology
• Maximum energy is required
• Simply feed from management is important


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