Speedibeet 20kg

Speedi-Beet is fast, convenient and is the healthy option for thousands of horse owners who now use the product and rely on its benefits. Speedi-Beet is made from pure unmolassed sugar beet pulp which is a by-product of the sugar beet industry. Sugar beet is grown in Europe and North America as an alternative to sugar cane which is grown in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. It is mainly grown as a source of table sugar for human consumption.

Unique Features of Mitavite Speedibeet

  • Pure, unmolassed, micronized beet pulp
  • Provides a cool, slow release energy source
  • Well digested in the hindgut – Beet pulp is approximately 80% digested in the hindgut
  • Laminitis friendly fibre option
  • 95% sugar free, very low starch levels
  • Short 10 min soaking time

Choose Speedibeet when

  • You need an alternative to feeding grains and high starch and sugar roughages for
    • Laminitic or foundered horses
    • Horses that can become fizzy
    • Horses that are prone to tying up
    • Horses with Cushings Syndrome
  • You want to enhance gastrointestinal and microbial health
  • Need to dampen the feed for horses with poor teeth
  • You need to keep horses well hydrated
  • Want to put condition onto your horse in a cool, safe manner
  • You have horses with or prone to ulcers

Making Speedibeet

Sugar beet accounts for 30% of the worlds sugar production. The sugar beet harvest in the UK usually takes place from September onwards with the beet being delivered into one of several sugar beet factories situated throughout eastern England. After cleaning, the beet is sliced into cossettes by a machine that resembles a kitchen grater.  With as much surface area is presented to maximise the sugar extraction process as possible. The sliced sugar beet is mixed with hot water and the sugar is extracted. After the water has been squeezed out, the pulp is dried and usually molasses is added back where upon the pulp is either used in its shredded form or it is pelleted.

Speedi-Beet is manufactured from beet pulp which has not had molasses added to it and is therefore around 95% sugar free. The beet pulp then undergoes a further patented process and is then cooked utilising our process, micronization. This involves heating the dried beet pulp at relatively low temperatures for a short time using infra-red heat and prevents the protein from denaturing allowing for quicker release of nutrients into the horses digestive system. The micronizing process also imparts flavour into the beet pulp so the product does not require the use of added molasses i.e. sugar for palatability. The beet pulp is then flaked to increase surface area to aid rapid water absorption. That’s why Speedi-Beet can be prepared in under 10 minutes instead of the usual 24 hours for traditional sugar beet pulp.

Speedibeet Usage Guide

As a feedstuff: Up to 20% of concentrate allowance, either as commercial feed or cereals can be substituted with Speedibeet.  Adjust feed allowances accordingly.

As a palatant: Up to 5% of concentrate allowance as a top dressing for hard feeds or where palatability is a problem.

As a conditioner:  Up to 10% of concentrate allowance, mixed into the concentrate to maintain optimum condition in roughed off horses or to fill out of condition horses.

As a nutritional aid:  In cases where early grass growth leads to conditions in the hind gut acidity, Speedibeet can be fed prior to grazing to reduce grass intake.  Speedibeet is high in pectins and low in starch, allowing correct microbial fermentation and reducing the effect of acidosis related problems.


Unmolassed beet pulp


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