Mini LeMieux Toy Pony

Introducing the Mini LeMieux Pony Range!

**NOTE: You are only allowed to purchase 1 of these items at a time. If you want more than 1, you will need to order again and pay shipping again.**

Skye is an elegant black dressage horse with plaitable black mane and tail.

Flash is a striking skewbald riding horse with a plaitable flaxen mane and tail. 

Freya is a beautiful bay eventer with a plaitable dark brown mane and tail. 

Sam is a stunning dapple grey showjumper with a plaitable grey mane and tail.

Popcorn is a gorgeous palomino show horse with plaitable golden mane and tail.

Razzle is a gorgeous black and white piebald pony with fluffy feathers and a plaitable black mane and tail. 

Dazzle is a gorgeous brown and white skewbald pony with fluffy feathers and a plaitable brown & white mane and tail.

Dream is a striking Dun Pony with a dappled coat and white stipe on her face.

Bubbles is the first Shetland pony in the LeMieux Toy Pony range! Bay in colour and sporting a characterful fluffy mane.

Their coat is incredibly soft, perfect for brushing and looking after!

They stand securely on all four legs and are flexible making them safe for young children (3 years +) to play with. Measures 50cm long from nose to tail and 30cm from bottom of hoof to the wither (base of neck).

They come in their own posh horse box that turns inside out to become a luxury stable!

Of course, additional matching accessories are available for each pony in our favourite colours including saddle pads, fly hoods and polo bandages as well as fully working saddles and bridles in real leather, making these toys not only great fun to play with but educational too!

Every pony comes with it's own passport and instructive care booklet

Suitable for ages 3 years +


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