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Kohnkes Own Cell-Osteo 3.5kg

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Concentrated Bone Mineral Supplement with Additional Trace-Minerals for Horses.


Cell-Osteo is a premium blend of a range of major bone forming minerals including calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, as well as additional vitamins and trace-minerals for improved calcium absorption.


The pelleted supplement is particularly beneficial for young horses commencing regular and intense training, helping to maintain optimum musculo-skeletal strength and soundness.


The particular ratio of bone minerals in Cell-Osteo are also recommended for horses fed grain and fat boosted diets, when calcium, phosphorus and magnesium may be low, imbalanced or poorly available.


The Concept of Cell-Osteo:


Cell-Osteo was designed as a potent blend of minerals to optimise the bone health of horses.


In particular, young horses who are growing and adapting to regular training can benefit from minerals such as calcium and phosphorus which are the building blocks for strong skeletal formation.


Cell-Osteo may also be effective in helping bone remodelling processes, reducing the formation of shin splints and other musculo-skeletal issues in all horses after spelling, during increased training intensity and when introducing concussive loading of bones and joints.


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