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Comprehensive Vitamin E and Selenium Supplement

For optimum muscle function in all racing and performance horses on diets low or inadequate in Vitamin E and selenium.

In contrast to many other selenium containing antioxidants, Cell-E PREMIUM® contains only organic amino acid chelated selenium in selenium yeast for improved uptake. 

This helps ensure that there is no risk of selenium toxicity at the maximum dose rates recommended, as compared with inorganic chemical selenites and selenates used in other supplements. Studies have shown that inorganic selenium selenites and selenates used in many supplements can act as pro-oxidants to increase the risk of muscle damage due to oxidised cell wall fat in the muscle tissues during excercise.

The excretion of any excess intakes of organic selenium in urine and droppings is completely safe for the soil and the waterway environment.

The Cell-E PREMIUM® formulation features:


  • Two forms of Vitamin E (high potency natural and stable synthetic Vitamin E) for maximum utilisation.
  • Organic (chelated) selenium for better uptake and utilisation.
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin C and organic magnesium.  High protein whey isolate is used for its own unique antioxidant properties and to assist selenium activity.


Pack Sizes: 1.2kg (80x15g doses)
                      3.0kg (200x15g doses)
                      6.0kg (400x15g doses)


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