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KER Endura-Max 5kg

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Essential Electrolyte for Hard-Working and Endurance Horses

Endura-Max is an essential electrolyte, with available sources of calcium and magnesium designed specifically for hard-working and endurance horses. Horses competing in long-distance endurance events have different electrolyte needs than most other performance horses.

Why use Endura-Max?

  • Formulated to match the composition of horse sweat with added calcium and magnesium to aid in the rehydration of long-distance or hard-working horses
  • May reduce acute deficiencies associated with dehydration, which can result in such conditions as colic, thumps (spontaneous diaphragmatic flutter), and tying-up
  • Assists in stimulation of thirst response and rehydration
  • Endura-Max Paste combined with the protective properties of a buffering agent to gently coat the stomach lining and buffer gastric acid, which is important for horses prone to gastric ulcers

When to use Endura-Max

  • Endurance or hard-working horses requiring electrolyte supplementation
  • Horses prone to thumps
  • Prior to travel, throughout competition and post event