Kelato GastroAID Everyday

GastroAID Everyday (formerly GastroHEALTH) is formulated to maintain the health and function of the total digestive tract. Its daily use acknowledges the importance of optimal digestive function for a healthier, happier horse.
GastroAID Everyday is particularly beneficial for hindgut health due to the unique, powerful prebiotic and two live yeast probiotics. Just like our digestive system, the horse’s gut contains ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria. The balance between these bacteria can be easily disrupted. If the presence of bad bacteria outweighs the good, it can negatively impact your horse’s well-being. An unhealthy gut means and unhappy horse.

How does GastroAID Everyday benefit your horse?

GastroAID Everyday provides your horse with daily support by:

• Maintaining total gut function
• Enhancing total gut health
• Optimising fibre digestion

GastroAID Everyday provides your horse with the daily support it needs to maintain good gut health. Your horse will show improvements in areas such as a healthier appetite, improved body condition, coat quality, behaviour, manure quality and overall well-being.



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