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Horse Health EquiCalm

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Suitable for the quiet worrier or fractious horse, this fast-acting calmer can work even on an already stressed horse – suitable before or during competition.

Fast acting calmer for competition use. Works even on an already stressed horse. Suitable for the quiet worrier to fractious horse

When you need to calm an already fractious horse or wish to reduce the horses stress response to a new environment, situation or at a competition, turn to Equine Herbals EquiCalm.

Free from Valerian, EquiCalm contains no ingredients to contravene Jockey Club, FEI or BSJA rules and being non-drowsy is suitable for activities where fast responses from your horse is still required such as jumping and hunting.

In a highest concentration of liquid extract known in the UK, EquiCalm will take effect within 20minutes with some horses while a routine twice-daily dose appears to gently settle others and is safe to use long term if required.

Containing Zizyphus to reduce the stress responses of irritability, excessive sweating and assist in the quiet worrier prone to weight loss, and Wild Lettuce to reduce the more vocal or obviously nervous horse such as that which appear hyperactive, EquiCalm is suitable for many horses.


  • Water
  • Ethanol
  • Wild Lettuce (Lactusa virosa)
  • Withania




Horses 10-20ml twice daily

Ponies 5-10ml twice daily


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