Hemp Boost

Hemp Boost Hemp Horse Meal

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Hemp Horse is a natural feed supplement made from 100% pure Australian hemp seed. It’s a rich blend of hemp press meal, rolled hemp seed, hemp husks and hemp seed oil, with a naturally high fibre content and over 16% beneficial hemp seed oil. There are no additives and it contains no sugar.


Feeding Hemp Horse daily will:

  • Give your horse healthy skin and a shining coat,
  • Prevent itchy, flaky skin,
  • Relieve joint and muscle pain,
  • Relieve arthritis,
  • Strengthen their immune system,
  • Improve hoof health and repair,
  • Improve their movement.

You will see a remarkable boost in your horse’s health and mobility by adding Hemp Horse to their diet every day.


Hemp oil is the key.

Hemp seed oil is the key ingredient which contains natural anti-inflammatories (Gamma Linolenic Acids – GLA’s) responsible for the amazing benefits to skin, joints and your horse’s immune system. Most other hemp supplements for horses contain just hemp husks which are a great source of fibre, but lack all the goodness of the hemp kernel and the natural oil.


Recommended dosage rates.

Maintenance: 1 cup per day

Healing and improvement: 2 cups per day

A 250mL measuring cup is included inside each bucket.

        10kg = 75 days at maintenance dosage.

Hemp Horse is a natural feed supplement and should be used in addition to your horses regular balanced diet. It’s very palatable and convenient to use.


Will it help with Colic?

The high oil content of Hemp Horse combined with the high fibre helps with gut health and the passage of feed through the digestive system.


What about THC and swabbing?

All of our hemp crops are tested for THC prior to harvest by government authorities and must be below certain regulation limits in order to pass for processing. However, Hemp Horse may contain slight traces of THC, and swabbing may return a positive result.


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