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Equitak Excel Wormer

**ON SALE** Expiry end October 2022**

Equitak Excel is the only product on the Australian market that contains the unique 3-in-1 combination of Abamectin, Oxfendazole and Praziquantel .

Abamectin and Oxfendazole are extremely effective broad spectrum wormers both acting in different ways to kill worms whilst Praziquantel specifically targets and kills tapeworms. The three active constituents provide your horse with the best possible protection in the prevention and control of worm burdens and the significant impact they can have on horse health.

In general 3 in 1 combination horse wormer pastes provide your horse with better protection than pastes that contain one broad spectrum wormer and a specific tapewormer. This is because there are reported varying degrees of resistance (ie. where the product is basically ineffective) in specific worm species with all broad spectrum wormers on the market. By combining two totally different actives such as Abamectin and Oxfendazole you lessen the chance of a resistant worm population developing.

If resistance to specific worms is not already present on your property then using two different broad spectrum actives simultaneously (eg Imax Gold) reduces the risk of resistance developing.


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