Equinade Black-Jack Enamel

Equinade Black-Jack Enamel is a high quality, full-gloss enamel specifically formulated to improve the appearance of horse hooves in the show ring.

Equinade Liquid Leather Soap naturally cleans, preserves and conditions the leather fibres and keeps them soft and supple for comfortable use and also ensure your leather gear will have and useful life.


Equinade Black-Jack Enamel:

- Durable and easy to apply

- Will stay on in damp conditions

- Quick Drying

- High Gloss Finish

- Easily removed with mineral turpentine


Suggestions for Best Results

Prepare the hoof by clipping the hair back from the top of the hoof line, lightly sand the hoof wall using a fine grade sand paper and apply Black Jack thickly, starting at the top of the hoof and allowing it to run down, then smooth it with the brush.

One coat is normally sufficient. remove with mineral turpentine


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