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Effol Hoof-Moisture-Balance

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Product Features and Benefits
• Effol Hoof Soft Cream (Hoof-Moisture-Balance) is the care cure for the horse's hoof!
• The care components glycerine and witch hazel extract provide moisture and at the same time protect against dampness - thus Effol Hoof-Moisture-Balance is also suitable for horses in frequent contact with water.
• The hoof's resistance is improved on a sustainable basis, even in the case of worn-down, hard types of hooves.
• Using Effol Hoof Soft Cream increases the load capacity even for heavily used, hard hoof types.
• Effol Hoof Soft Cream was developed with Dieter Krohnert, the team blacksmith of the German riders.
• Use daily as required, always applying the product from the coronet downwards, because that is where healthy growth begins.

• 500ml.


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