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Castlereagh Condition More Horse Fattening Pellets 20kg

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Condition More Horse Fattening Pellets is a cool, conditioning formula specifically developed to keep your horse or pony in top condition. High quality protein and amino acids combined with cool, conditioning energy assist with improving muscle development and recovery.

  • Highly palatable steamrolled barley for cool, conditioning energy.
  • Castlereagh’s pelleted formula means that every mouthful is nutritionally balanced.
  • Pollard for improved weight gain.
  • Essential Omega -3 and -6 fatty acids.
  • Low grain, no oat content provides slow release of cool energy, minimising digestive disturbances.
  • High quality protein meal (soy) and amino acids for improved muscle development and recovery.


Steam rolled barley, pollard, soybean meal, Molafos EzGlo, canola oil, limestone
(calcium carbonate), dicalcium phosphate, salt, lysine and Castlereagh Premium
Vitamin & Mineral premix.


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