Benchmark Feeds

Benchmark Feeds Cool AZ 20kg

Perfect complete feed choice for pleasure or show horses, pony club mounts and horses spelling or on paddock rest.


Steam Extruded High Fibre Complete Feed

Your choice of Benchmark Cool AZ™ will not disappoint. We have formulated Cool AZ™ to provide an optimal level of nutrition for horses and ponies that are in light to medium work or on paddock rest. Cool AZ™ uses super fibres as the primary energy source, resulting in a feed that it is genuinely non-heating and more in tune with your horse’s natural energy pathway.


With a good mixture of balanced trace minerals, quality vitamins, key amino acids for muscle development, and chromium to help prevent muscle wastage and benefit Insulin resistant (IR) horses, you will find that it is ideal for keeping your horses looking good and feeling well. Cool AZ™ will suit most horses, simplifying feed up time. Benchmark Cool AZ™ will help your horse feel better on the inside, improving how it looks on the outside!


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