Barastoc Phar Lap 20kg

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Oat-free muesli concentrate for all racing and sport horses.

Highly versatile, Barastoc Phar Lap is the ideal feed to use as a base for your performance horse feeding regime, suitable for spelling, pre-training, racing and for other performance horses.

  • Oat-free concentrate that gives you the flexibility to add the type and amount of grain that suits your horses work load and body type.
  • Formulated to provide all protein, vitamin and mineral requirements that intensely worked horses need.
  • Fully fortified with high levels of natural source Vitamin E, selenium and organic chromium to reduce the risk of muscle damage and help improve recovery time.
  • Added salts to replace sweat losses and yeast cultures for a healthy digestive system and improved utilisation of roughage.
  • Contains vegetable oil for increased energy


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