Barastoc Breed n Grow 20kg

Ultimate full feed pellet for broodmares, breeding stallions, weanlings and yearlings

Producing sound, healthy horses has never been easier. From conception through to gestation and into the first few years of growth, Barastoc Breed N Grow will give your horses the best chance, through sound nutrition.

  • Ideal for paddock feeding, this highly palatable pelleted feed leaves no powders or waste.
  •  Enhanced levels of macro and trace minerals to support bone growth and development.
  • Added silicon for improved bone density.
  • Fortified with a natural source of Vitamin E, proven to support immunity in foals and provide superior antioxidant support to all breeding horses.
  • Ideal for pregnant and lactating mares, weanlings, yearlings and as a conditioning feed for stallions prior to and during breeding season.


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