Southern Sport Horses

Prestige X-Breathe Dressage *Available by order, Wait times apply*

The saddle is characterised by the double hole on the seat: the large oval rear hole and the second oval hole of smaller dimensions. These holes have a double function: Aeration function: for better air circulation and therefore cooling of the horse and rider. Therapeutic function: the back hole free from pressure the coccyx; the front hole absorbs the impact with the saddle when receiving the jump, especially in the cross country. The holes are covered with a special ultra-elastic honeycomb material that makes the seat extremely comfortable. The saddle is also equipped with holes and openings on the neighborhoods and sub-districts in order to lighten and improve the ventilation. The saddle features new ultralight cushions derived from X-Technology. The usual padded cushions have been replaced by new cushions made of the same synthetic padding material and a new honeycomb material with great elasticity that replaces the use of felt and sponge. The effect obtained is a considerable reduction in the thickness of the cushions at the same time offering a better close-contact and maintaining stability and comfort for the back of the horse.