Nutriscience Nutrilyte Gold Gel

Nutrilyte is recommended to meet the increased electrolyte needs of the equine athlete.
Training, travelling, hot conditions and stress deplete electrolytes. NutriLyte replenishes these electrolytes along with water-soluble vitamins and easily absorbable carbohydrates to prevent cramping and dehydration.


Further Information:
NutriLyte provides mineral salts that are required for the intracellular and extracellular body fluids.
Provides essential vitamins and minerals that are lost in the sweating process
Replenishes water soluble B complex vitamins that play an important role in energy metabolism
Provides a source of easily absorbable carbohydrate which help replete glycogen stores post exercise

The regulatory system that balances water and electrolytes depends on sufficient daily supplies of water and electrolytes (in hay and raw fodder). this relies on sufficient pre-absorption storage (usualy in the large intestine), excretion  that does not exceed re-supply in nutritional intake and in cases of extreme losses in hot climates & intense competition - supplementation in a suitable form for purposes of regeneration.

Besides water and electrolyte loss due to illness such as febrile infections and enteritis, sweat losses also play an important role in a horses body fluid balance, sweat can account for up to 5% loss of the body weight of a horse at extreme conditions.

All nutrients in NutriLyte are in a readily absorbable form.