Nutriscience Iron Boost Plus 1ltr

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A general multivitamin feed supplement is recommended for horses of all type. Any animal may be low in a particular vitamin or mineral and this may not show itself for some time.
A multivitamin tops up the system with essential vitamins or minerals that may be lacking from the animals daily diet. Ireland and the British Isles tend have reduced copper in the soil and this is particularly recommended during spring time.
How Iron Boost  Works

Copper is essential for a horse’s development, especially for foals and yearlings. Anti-oxidants and selenium are particularly impor tant in combating stress for performance animals. Iron increases the production of red blood cells and as such develops stamina for horses in competition.

The nature of the product is that it provides a complete combination of minerals and vitamins and thus supplies the horse with all it requires to attain its maximum level of health and vitality.