LeMieux Idolo Tether Tie

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Banish the baler twine with this amazing little invention! If you’re looking for a safer environment for your horse and prevent neck, pole & back injuries? Introducing the Idolo Tether Tie, this unique knotless tying system and the number one replacement to baler twine is a must have. Designed by experienced horseman Roy French and made in the UK in Axminster, this high grade industrial nylon tie uses pressure and release. With a choice of two pressures and the ability to use with almost any rope, this lightweight, strong, durable and rustproof tool is a valuable addition to any tack box.

The original Idolo Tether Tie has proved to be a success in many aspects of tying and training horses. This is the brand new lightweight Tether Tie by Idolo. It has all the same brilliant features and ease of use as the original product, with the added benefit of being more lightweight, user friendly and affordable. The new lightweight Tether Tie is manufactured from a revolutionary high grade industrial nylon, and weighs just 38 grams, whilst remaining strong and durable, and most of all, rejecting the use of baler twine.

Tether Ties all come with a double ended clip included for attaching to any ring or tie up point.

Key Facts:

High Grade Industrial Nylon – Lightweight – Strong, Durable and Rustproof
Works through friction using our unique designed friction bar
Replaces baler twine
Introduces the horse to pressure and release
Choice or pressures – light pressure or harder pressure – achieved by just turning the tether tie around
Relaxes and calms

Helps prevent serious neck injury
Provides safer environment
Reduces headcollar breakages
Assists when backing horses
Used with horse walkers
Aids clipping horses
When the horse pulls back it remains connected
May reduce insurance claims
Compatible with most horse ropes sold in the UK
Manufactured in the UK, supporting Britain’s manufacturing industry
Safety tip – Badly knotted ropes should not be used as they will restrict the pressure & release of this product