Kentaur 'Medea' Dressage Saddle (preorder)

Please note: this is a preorder item. Please contact us for a ETA.

The Kentaur ‘Medea’ Dressage Saddle is a very popular dressage and show saddle from the Kentaur range. It provides the deep seat and medium knee rolls of other Kentaur dressage saddles, though has a slightly more open seat. The pommel sits close to the horse. This classy saddle is suitable for ladies as well as gents, and suits a good length of leg in the rider. Able to be individually adjusted for different horses.

Product Specifications:

  • Superb dressage saddle
  • Extra deep seat
  • Traditional wool flocked panels
  • Medium anatomically shaped front blocks
  • Long billets
  • Double calf leather