Kelato Cooling Liquid 500ml

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Kelato CoolingLIQUID effectively relieves swollen legs and muscles after exercise, reducing recovery time.

Use CoolingLIQUID to recharge Kelato CoolWRAP Bandages or turn a horse rug or towel into an instant cool garment.

CoolingLIQUID provides a value for money concentrate that, when diluted with water, provides up to 10 litres of cooling liquid.


* Effectively relieves swollen legs and muscles after exercise, reducing recovery time

* Reduces swelling associated with travelling and times of confinement

* Can be used on rugs or towels to cool horse in extreme heat

* NO refrigeration or ice needed!

* Use to recharge Kelato's CoolWRAP Bandage

* Effective cooling for up to 3 hours


To recharge Kelato CoolWRAP Bandage:

Mix 10mL CoolingLIQUID and 125mL water in empty CoolWRAP Bandage container. Add CoolWRAP Bandage, gently mix and allow the Bandage to absorb mixture. Wrap Bandage around desired area.

For other applications:

Mix at a ratio of 50mL CoolingLIQUID per 1L cool, clean water. For a more intense effect, the mixing ratio can be increased up to 100mL per 1L water.

For direct application (spray, spongeing etc): Apply solution (mixed as above) onto animal in desired manner taking care to avoid eyes, nose and other sensitive areas. Scrape off excess fluid to aid heat transfer.

For use with horse rugs, towels or any other appropriate garment: Add desired amount of solution (mixed as above) to a bucket. Add garment to the bucket and allow it to absorb the liquid. Place garment on horse as desired.

Ingredients: > per 1L: Menthol 20g, Isopropyl alcohol 350g, Camphor 6.26g, Eucalyptus oil 2g.