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HYGAIN RBO as an alternative energy source provides the following benefits to your horse’s diet:

  • Alternative energy source for horses without fizz
  • Reduces excitability associated with feeding grains
  • Pure rice bran oil to maximise feed efficiency for muscle building and repair
  • Natural vitamin E for antioxidant properties
  • 100% starch and sugar free
  • Essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coats
  • Reduces excitability
  • Increases oxidative capacity in performance horses
  • Acts as a carrier for fat soluble vitamins

HYGAIN RBO is ideal for:

  • Horses that require weight gain
  • High Performance horses
  • Endurance horses
  • Show & sales preparation
  • Horses prone to Tying Up/stomach ulcers
  • Poor Doers
  • Stud horses

Feeding Guide: Administer orally or in feed at a rate of 60 - 250mL per day, or up to 20% of the horses calorie intake.