Eco Animal Bedding

Eco Animal Bedding 20kg

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Eco Animal Bedding is the healthier animal bedding alternative to old-fashioned materials, such as wood shavings, straw and sawdust pellets, which break down into dust with use. Being dust-free, Eco Animal Bedding is used and recommended by leading veterinarians as the preferred animal bedding for helping to treat, and for the prevention of respiratory illness in animals. Also, Eco Animal Bedding is highly absorbent, retaining up to 3 times it's weight in fluids, making for a drier, cleaner and more comfortable bedding.


Eco Animal Bedding is 100% recycled, high quality corrugated cardboard and paper that has been processed into cardboard chips or paper strips. Eco Animal Bedding is eco-friendly and completely biodegradable.

The superior cushioning of the corrugation forms a soft, springy bed that provides warmth and adds comfort and support.