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The Dodson & Horrell Itch-Free formula has been designed for horses and ponies prone to itching, rubbing and Sweet Itch. It provides herbal support for a healthy coat and skin.

Are you looking for itchy horse remedies and ways to stop your horse rubbing himself raw?

Itch-Free is a supplement developed for itchy horses and ponies by Dodson & Horrell. This organic herbal blend is suited to horses who:

  • Have been diagnosed with Sweet Itch (an allergy to midges)
  • Are getting bothered by flies
  • Have lost patches of hair or chunks of mane or tail hair
  • Have broken skin or open cuts
  • Are biting themselves or rubbing on fence posts or trees
  • Have raised lumps or hives on parts of their body

Itch-Free has been providing relief to itchy horses in the UK since 1993 and in Australia since 2017. In many cases it is the only supplement successfully used to combat Sweet Itch and other skin related issues.

Itch-Free contains:

  • Nettle as a blood cleanser and cooler for skin related conditions
  • Burdock root which is used for excess toxin build up resulting in skin problems
  • Chamomile which is renowned for its calming properties
  • Garlic granules for support of the immune and circulatory systems as well as helping to repel insects



Ponies and smaller horses = 2 scoops per day.*
Larger horses = 2½ scoops per day
1 scoop (100ml) = 25g.*

*Please use scoop provided.

One tubs lasts approximately 20 days, depending on the size of the horse. Comes in a 1kg tub. Please be aware that herb density can vary, therefore may alter the number of days available.

Note – Owners should be aware that some blends may contain naturally occurring constituents that may be restricted by some equine sport regulators. Do not feed to mares in foal.



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