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Premier Equine *Discontinued* Air Cooled Super Lite Eventing/Racing Boot - Hind

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To reduce the overall weight the boot is less sculptured around the fetlock area compared to the 'Air Cooled' boots within the Premier Equine range.

The Air Cooled Super Lite Boot is made from microfibre leather which in comparison to natural leather is stronger, lighter, stretches and moulds to the horses leg whilst retaining its original shape.  This boot features Premier Equines' polycarbonate strike guard along the front of the boot to provide optimal protection against knocks and strikes, all strike guards come with a lifetime guarantee.

Having 4 air vents at the front of the boot and 4 at the side causes the air to circulate from the front of the horses leg to the back and exit the side vents as the horse gallops. This process allows a constant stream of cold air to pass the boot, keeping the leg cool. 

Racehorse trainers favour this boot due to its superior protection and substantial reduction in weight. This Boot is also an option for eventers whom prefer to run their horses in a lighter boot, without forgoing protection. 

  • 360 Tendon Aircooling System
  • High Impact Protection
  • Lifetime Strike Guard Guarantee
  • Technically advanced four layer fabric system developed to protect, cool and provide comfort
  • Microfiber leather outer
  • 3D sports performance mesh layer
  • Lightweight pique lining
  • 8 airvents in hind boot
  • Cools tendons
  • Shaped to the leg
  • Will not impede the natural action of a horse galloping or jumping
  • Light and flexible
  • Will not retain water
  • Maximum protection
  • Secure fit
  • P.E. polycarbonate strike guard in hind boot
  • Strike guards come with a lifetime guarantee

Size guide:
Small: 14hh - 14.3hh
Medium: 15hh - 16.2hh
Large: 16.3hh - 17.3hh


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