Kentaur ‘Roma’ Leather Front Boots with Sheepskin

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The Kentaur ‘Roma’ Leather Front Boots with Sheepskin are both fashionable and effective in protecting your horse’s legs in the jumping ring. The removable, medicated sheepskin liner is easy to wash and maintain, while the leather outer offers the utmost protection against bumps and knocks. These boots are particularly suitable for horses with sensitive legs who are prone to boot rubs/rash.

Available in Black, Dark Brown Tobacco and Black/Tobacco.

Sizes: Pony, Cob or Full.

Pony: Length 19cm, Width 15cm

Cob: Length 20cm, Width 19cm

Full: Length 21cm, Width 21cm

Can be purchased in a full set with the Kentaur 'Roma' Hind Boots with Sheepskin